Lead Distribution Software

LeadsPedia is the Most Advanced Lead Distribution Software in the Market

Capture Leads in Real-Time

Capture leads in real-time through web forms, ping-tree or server post.

Validate, Verify & Append Data

Set your own custom lead validations and verification.

Deliver Leads in Real-Time

Deliver leads by Server Post, Ping/Post, E-Mail, SMS and Batch.

Experience Leads in Real-Time

Your lead volume is growing — another day, another dollar. LeadsPedia provides you with advanced monitoring capabilities. The most up-to-date information is immediately reflected in your reports, so when you want to take additional or real-time actions into consideration, you don’t need to build a report from scratch. We make getting fresh data as fast and easy as glancing at your watch.

Leads Dashboard

Keep your eye on your leads as they come in. Know exactly what happens with each and every lead you generate instantly.

Leads Disposition

Monitor each lead disposition in real-time. Find out why leads are being rejected.

Leads Distribution

See the flow of your lead distributions. Know why leads fail delivery to your lead buyers.

Duplicate Check

Whether you want to check duplicates based on phone number or email address., LeadsPedia allows you to create custom duplicate check rules that fit your business.

Lead Validation

Validate leads through close examination of phone numbers, IP addresses, physical addresses, emails and much more.

True Verification

Verify lead data by making sure lead communication methods are working or physically exist.

Our Awesome Features

Our Awesome Features

Unlimited Verticals

You can setup and manage unlimited verticals. We do not limit the verticals your business in.

Routing Rules

Simply restrict the routing of your leads based on lead buyers and lead affiliates.

Fraud Detection

Several ways to manage and setup fraud detection rules.

Lead Import

Our import features allows you to import leads and map the columns to the right fields.


With just a few clicks through geo-targeting databases, you can target by particular states, cities, and zip codes.

Targeting Rules

Target by device, device brand, device model, language, operating system, browser and Internet connection.

Upload Returns

Ability to upload your lead buyer's returns within a few clicks.

Sub Affiliates

Set specific payouts and caps at the sub affiliate level with the ability to block sub affiliates.

Pixels and Postbacks

Fire your affiliates web pixels and postback pixels on conversions.

Merchant Account Integration

Authorize.Net, PayPal and Stripe Integration to accept payments from your lead buyers.

WhitePages Pro Integration

Lead Identity check, verify and Score leads through WhitePages Pro.

Dynamic Posting Instructions

Generate Posting Instructions for your affiliates in one simple click.

Lead Distribution Features

Distribution Types

Distribute leads Exclusively, multisell, or hybrid either by price, priority, round robin or weighted distribution.

Delivery Schedule

Different buyers have different delivery schedules. With LeadsPedia, you can set different delivery schedule per lead buyer.

Delivery Cap

With LeadsPedia, you have the ability to set hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly lead delivery caps.

Delivery Methods

Deliver leads to your buyers, call center or CRM using HTTP(s) Post, Ping Post, XML, SOAP, JSON, E-Mail or SMS.

Delivery Filters

Different buyers have different requirements. With LeadsPedia you can set different filters for different lead buyers.

Lead Routing Rules

Do you want to block a specific lead provider to deliver leads to a specific lead Buyer? Simple, this can be accomplished within seconds.

Real-Time Reports

LeadsPedia is capable of bringing your business, and all the data it relies on, together in one place!

You're at the helm of your business, but you're too busy collecting reports from every far-flung corner of your organization to step back and see the big picture. That's a real headache–and not the kind you want to deal with when company growth is at stake.

LeadsPedia delivers unmatched visibility into progress, performance, and processes across your entire organization, so your business is always moving forward.

LeadsPedia connects to all the marketing data you care about so you can center strategic discussions around real-time data, and clearly demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the bottom line—all in one place.

See what LeadsPedia can do for you.

Discover the powerful features, benefits and flexibility of LeadsPedia today!