Lead Generation

Capture, validate and deliver leads.


Manage, control and track affiliates.


Track and route inbound calls.

Call Tracking

Multi-channel Tracking and Attribution.

One Performance Marketing Platform to Rule Them All

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For Lead Generation
Capture, Validate & Deliver Leads in Real-Time

  • Seamlessly capture and automatically de-dupe leads coming from a variety of sources.
  • True verification of phone numbers, street addresses and email addresses.
  • Manage different delivery methods, delivery schedules and delivery caps.
  • Run multiple distribution programs via a configurable distribution engine.
  • Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting and metrics monitoring.
  • Manage unlimited custom fields and field validations.
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For Networks
Flexibility to Manage Affiliates & Advertisers

  • Easily manage unlimited campaigns and interact with your affiliates in one platform.
  • Understand the performance of your network with real-time data.
  • Measure the results of your campaigns with A/B testing.
  • Get real-time attribution modeling.
  • Use different payout models (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPI, CPIC, Fixed and Revenue Share).
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For Call Tracking & Routing
Build Complex Routing Rules & Payout Models

  • Assign low-cost local, toll-free and true 1-800 numbers.
  • Display campaign based dynamic phone numbers.
  • Access extensive phone number tracking and reports.
  • Set call transfer schedules and delivery caps.
  • Play a whisper message to clients on transfer.
  • Record inbound calls.
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For Advertisers
Multi-channel Tracking and Attribution

  • Track multi-channel performance based metrics.
  • Create unlimited, offers, campaigns, and users.
  • Apply attribution across multiple sources.
  • Implement fraud resistant controls.
  • Automate billing and invoicing.
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