About LeadsPedia

Designed and developed completely in­house by performance marketers, we understand first hand the importance of finding a performance marketing software that fits your unique business needs.

Our own frustrations made us believe there had to be a better way; a way to consolidate data and increase functionality without a reliance on multiple platforms and companies. But we couldn't find the streamlined platform we needed... so we decided to build it. The result is LeadsPedia, a dynamic performance marketing software that consolidates your marketing efforts into one unified platform.

Beyond the technology

We partner with our customers to ensure they meet their business needs and focus on enabling rapid time­-to-value and strong ongoing return on investment in an effort to achieve mutual success.

A different kind of company

We can’t change the world if we have the culture of a typical corporation. So we don’t.

Passionate people focused on results

We believe in showing our customers that everything we do is done with a purpose. We take the time to understand you and your business first ensuring a strong foundation, rapid implementation, and a clearly defined approach for ongoing success.

We use our products

"We Use Our Products" is a core company value. We’re not just listening to our customers' needs. We're living them. We know what it means to fix a bug, make a tweak or find a fundamentally better, faster way to analyze data. We'll never stop listening to customers and we'll never stop seeing the world from their point of view.